Vietnamese Caramel Pork Bowl


I’m obsessed with the recipes on How Sweet It Is

So when I saw how in love Jessica was with this Vietnamese Caramel Pork Stir Fry dish I knew I had to try making it! I love LOVE love stir frys!!! I remember from a young age my mom in the kitchen with her huge red Wok, slicing and dicing while my brother and I threw in all the vegetables. I think they are honestly the perfect meal; satisfying because you get you meat and veggies covered in delicious sauce and filling because you get that carb fix (which every Italian girl needs!!!).

Also Caramel Pork sounds ridiculously good. I tend to get stuck in a bit of chicken-or-beef-rotating-rut so this was going to be a nice change on the protein side. Also, confession. I’ve never made my owe sauce! I always use the packages or something bottled. And lets be honest, we don’t all have time to make every dinner from scratch and those little short-cuts are a major help in our busy lives (is that enough justification??).

How did it go?

I do have to state that this dish took much longer than 30 minutes for me to make! Maybe on the 3rd or 5th try I’ll get it down to that, but I’d say I spent about an hour in the kitchen reading carefully, chopping, mixing, cooking etc. It wasn’t that expensive to get all of the ingredients either.

So then, how was it?

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! This dish delivered. And like Jessica, between me and my partner we ate everything! Not. A. Crumb. Left.

So if you, your partner, or your family are stir fry lovers you have to try this dish! It will become a regular, that I am sure.


Thanksgiving: Dinner and Decor

I’m very jealous of American’s right now.


Right now American’s everywhere are planning their copious menus and setting their tables with festive décor for Thanksgiving. Ohh, and they have a shorter work week for the long weekend festivities. Now I know I have no right to really complain, north of the border up here in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in early October. I love it as I have always viewed it as the official kick off of autumn.

As Canadians prepare for thanksgiving we start to see the leaves changing from green to hues of gold, copper and crimson. The weather, in my opinion, is prefect. There is a definite crispness in the air, but we welcome it as it allows us to don our leather jackets, flannel button-downs and wrap ourselves in hand knit scarves. While we know the bone chilling cold is closing in on us, summer has healed the wounds of winter past, and we can blissfully enjoy this season for what it is. Rich. Cozy. Bountiful. Rustic.

thanksgivingI guess I am really just reminiscing of this past thanksgiving as it was so splendid. I thought I would share the décor and menu I went with to serve as inspiration in case you are still looking for some inspiration.



I honestly don’t know if I was more excited to set the table or to cook the food. I think I would go with excited to set the table (décor comes easy for me) and anxious to cook the food (cooking elaborate meals without my mom or grandma’s help scares the s@*! out of me). There really is nothing worse than spending your time and money on something only for it to turn out bad.

Overall I’d say everything turned out pretty perfectly. I opted to roast a chicken instead of a turkey because it was only two of us and there would have been way too leftovers. It turned out moist and succulent. My first pumpkin pie was also a success. I also made these delish, super fancy looking twice baked sweet potatoes with roasted marshmallows on top. And to start I make awesome little raspberry, brie and puff pastry appetizers.

All in all, we were stuffed. But isn’t that the one of the best parts of the holidays?!

Right now William Sonoma has such amazing thanksgiving dinner plate sets that would add festive flare to any holiday table.

thanksgiving_chicken IMG_1520 IMG_1513