Getting back to the Basics! 

When it comes to fashion, the word “basics” seems to lack lustre. Basics aren’t sparkly or shinny. They aren’t avant grade or shocking.  When you walk into a store you probably aren’t thinking “omg, I can’t wait to see what basics they have this season!”

But you should.

The thing about basics, and I learned this much later in my fashionista life, is they bring out your unique style, your individual personality and can highlight your best features effortlessly.  Further, basics are timeless.  Seriously, if you wore “basic” throughout the 80s and 90s you probably are free of fashion crimes. What’s more, basics are classic. And everyone knows that anything classic (style, movies, music, art) never goes out of style, standing the test of time.

So since basics are so great, I think they deserve a better name. In my world basics are essentials (or staples).  And this post is about some of my fashion essentials,  I’m sure many more will follow because “fashion staples” are my favourite and just one isn’t enough.

One of my favourite staples is the crisp white dress shirt.  Whether you’re at work, hanging around or going out, the white dress shirt is like a blank canvas that can be as causal or dressy as you like.  Actually, I think the white blouse is finally getting the recognition it deserves because so many variations are coming out now; with different cuts, embellishments and trimmings.


So clearly I have a lot of white blouses! What I wanted to show was how you can take thesame white blouse from day to night.  I used my button-down, black bow tie blouse from Mango as an example.  I love this blouse because its masculine/formal with its men’s tie influence, while at the same time, the chiffon bow fems it up adding a bit some dantiness. For my day look, I paired it with a black blazer from Zara, a pair of J Brand jeans, and some red pumps from Target!  This is a great out fit for a day day event but could easily transition in evening drinks with some girlfriends.

photo-15You can take this same top and blazer and crank it up a notch so that its the perfect outfit for a party, fancy dinner or night at the bar.  Using the same Zara blazer and Mango blouse, I swapped in leather skinny pants (also Zara) and a pair of Michael Kors patent black stilettos. Not only is this a great going-out outfit is transcends age (although great thing about classics!).  This is a go-to, fail proof outfit for me as a young girl in my mid-twneties who doesn’t feel the need to bare every inch of skin when she goes out. But women in their 30s, 40s and 50s could all wear this outfit (and all look AMAZING). Ive styled my mom in outfits like this all the time!

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