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I have no idea how this blog will evolve but I hope you will stick around & join me on this journey.

I’m a Canadian girl, in her mid-twenties living in the Nation’s Capital. I work in the fast-past, exciting, and (always) dramatic world of Federal Politics. So I guess I’m kind of a political junkie (I definitely am).

My desire to start this blog came from a number of places. First, I needed a new creative outlet. And, since I love all forms of social media and connecting to other people with shared interests I thought this would be a great platform. Second, I have a lot to stay. Although, I’ve always had a lot to say, especially on things I love and learn. However, since I can’t always be talking my partner’s or friend’s ears off this seemed like the perfect soapbox for me. I really hope to engage with other people on here and to learn from one another.

Finally, I’m going through a very significant growth period in my life and I want to share my experiences and lessons. I know this may sound a little redundant or obvious; most mid-twenty year olds experience this (ie. Growing up for real, and becoming an adult).

That said, expect it see a little bit of everything on here. For instance, I just purchased a condo and have become obsessed with interior design. Also, I’m pretty sure I have the potential to become an amazing cook! I’ve just moved in with my partner and learning how to cook “real” meals has become a serious project of mine. It’s no easy feat and given me so much respect for my mom! Also, I love fashion. LOVE IT. In my grade 8 school yearbook under “what do you want to be when you grow up” I wrote fashion designer!! Fashion and Style will definitely be on here.

Other than that your guess is as good as mine!

I hope you keep visiting; I am going to do my best to make it worth your wild.



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